Christmas Time at the Box!

‘Tis the season for holiday-inspired workouts. I’m not sure how many affiliates around the world do a workout like the 12 Days of CrossFit. Unlike the story of Christmas, I’m not clear about its origins. But I’ll say this, I don’t know of any other workout I’ve done that seems so fun but is so physically crushing as this one. The idea is your trainer takes the song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and you do it as a CrossFit workout — substituting the various gifts mentioned throughout the song for CrossFit movements and lifts. From the first mention of this, I was eager to give it a try. Trainers usually mix up the movements and the order. This is what last year’s line-up looked like (to give you an example):

1 Squat Clean Thruster (135 pounds/95 pounds)

2 Handstand Push-Ups

3 Over-the-Box Jumps (24”/20”)

4 Lateral Bar-Hopping Burpees

5 Waaall Baaalls! (40 pounds/30 pounds)

6 Push Presses (135 pounds/95 pounds)

7 Front Squats (135 pounds/95 pounds)

8 Kettlebell Swings (53 pounds/35 pounds)

9 Toes-to-Bar

10 Weighted Lunges (40 pounds/30 pounds)

11 Clapping Push-Ups

12 Squat Snatches (135 pounds/95 pounds)

This was followed by the instructions for members to “Complete this workout as if you were going through the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ song. Start with one squat clean thruster, then do two handstand push-ups and one squat clean thruster. Then three over-the-box jumps, two handstand push-ups, one squat clean thruster, etc. Singing is encouraged. Merry Christmas everyone!”

This workout starts off as rather jolly. I remember knocking out the thruster with ease, then moving on to the next movement of two HSPUs, going back to the one thruster, and so forth.

Does your box grind out this kind of a WOD? If not, do you do any kind of special CrossFit get-together or workout around the holidays? Stay on the grind and have a happy and safe holiday season!


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