Crossfit Blog

What is it about Crossfit! My wife and I were curious about the new “box” that moved in down the street in July of 2012 and nervously checked it out. We heard that Crossfit was intense but were open to the challenge!

My first beginner workout lasted 5 minutes and 22 seconds when the instructor/owner recognized that I was struggling. I laid down on the floor and claimed NEVER to do this again! Fast forward to now 32 lbs lighter and 16% less body fat, and I am addicted! If we don’t get in 4-5 workouts a week, I’m bouncing off the walls!

Crossfit has changed out lives, not just physically, but mentally. It makes pushing through the hard tasks in life easier! I have learned so much about the culture and lifestyle of Crossfit that I will be starting a blog. Please subscribe and enjoy! Keep in touch keep pushing on!



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